The Moringa tree contains an amazing array of healthy nutrients. From its bright
green leaves to its incredible seeds, Moringa is just packed with valuable life-giving
nutrition. Unlike many greens, Moringa leaves pack a LOT of Protein,Calcium, Potassium,
Magnesium, Sulfur, Vitamin A, the Vitamin B family, and lots of Vitamin C, in its little, tiny
leaves. Moringa is just about unsurpassed for eye appeal, taste, nutrition and ease
of preparation. You just break off the branches, strip off the leaves, and eat it raw
or add it to almost any main dish that you currently enjoy.

Percentage-wise, fresh Moringa leaves contain:

Those who eat Moringa on a regular basis consistently report:

Clearer, healthier looking skin, hair, and nails
Less infections
Cessation of headaches and migraines
Sustained, day-long energy
Diabetic symptoms lessened or gone
Ulcers healed
Rapid healing of cuts, bruises, and abrasions
Tumors diminished or gone
Bowel regularity restored
Increased stamina and strength
Improved growth in children
Increased milk production in nursing mothers
Sound, restful sleep
Elimination of chronic back pain
and much, much more...

We are required to tell you that we are NOT diagnosing any diseases, or stating
that Moringa products will CURE any ailments. We are not doctors, just researchers
and reporters. We are not attempting to MAKE health claims, but...we ARE passing on
to our readers, supporters, visitors, and customers, that Moringa leaves, flowers,
pods, and seeds have been added to thousands, if not millions of people's
diets for thousands of years - with often INCREDIBLE results.

See our
MORINGA MANOR home page for some photos of how WE enjoy Moringa.

For photos of the Moringa trees we are currently growing, go to the


where there are a few pages of photos of our Moringas. Check out the photo of
one of my granddaughters, with one of our Moringas.
For more information on the benefits of eating Moringa -
check out our main website here,

I Love Moringa

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Well, I hope we have "whet your whistle" for Moringa.

We cannot say enoughgood about it. To taste it, is to love it.

To see your health restored - is a MIRACLE!

This humble tree has earned the respect and appreciation of MILLIONS -
worldwide, for thousands of years.

You NEED to check it out!

We don't care WHERE you get your Moringa...just get some!

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7 times more Vitamin C than oranges
4 times more Vitamin A than carrots
3 times more Iron than spinach
4 times more calcium than milk
3 times more potassium than bananas
and ALL of your essential amino acids
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