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More to come...

More to come...
One of our Moringa Stenopetala
seedlings that went through 30 and
40 degree temperatures this winter -
looked like a dead stick - and came
back to life - and HOW! It budded out
all the way down the stem, to the
Morning dew on one of our Moringa
Oleifera trees. If you enlarge the
page, you can see that the dewdrops
glisten on the leaves like little
diamonds! At least, that's what it looks
like to us! We own a jewelry store, so
it's easy to see it that way!
Close-up of one of our
Moringa Oleifera seedling's
Some of our Moringa
Oleifera seeds.
More of those wonderfully healthful Moringa Oleifera
Just a few month's
old growth on one
of our Moringa
seedlings. It was
trimmed back a
lot, which gives it
that highly
desirable bushy
Moringa Oleifera - new growth.
Moringa Oleifera tree - our first.
Just look at these bright green
Moringa Oleifera leaves! They are
packed full of usable Protein,
Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, and
a whole lot more!
More photos below...
More photos below...
Moringa Stenopetala seedling's
leaves about 3 weeks old.
Moringa Oleifera seedling's leaves
about 3 weeks old.
Beautiful Moringa Stenopetala
seedlings from Ethiopia, about 3
weeks old. We already took the top
leaves off, and ate them. When 2
more branches come, we'll prune
them again.They just keep coming!
Moringa Oleifera flower buds on
4 month old tree.
Moringa Oleifera seedling about
4 months old.
Moringa Oleifera flower on
4 month old tree.
Moringa Oleifera 6 months old.
My Moringa Oleiferas April 2009
Our Moringa Stenopetala seedlings about
3 weeks old. Look at those hearty leaves!
Our Moringa Oleifera seedlings about
8 months old. Love those green leaves!
This is a close-up of the Moringa Oleifera trees above. Right after I
took the photo, these were cut and the leaves stripped off, for dinner!
A whole patch of our Moringa Oleiferas.
Various ages. Left some of the weeds in place.

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